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Leading spanish marketplace for lawyers. Automatized action bidding system for lawyers and law firms to generate new customers. elAbogado is a legal marketplace that generates clients for lawyers, and help individuals and business to find the right lawyers.


VortexLegal is the marketplace for legal services. VortexLegal started in 2010 as “MyMotionCalendar.” Our software allows buyers of legal services to access all vendors in one location, compare prices, write reviews and extract great analytics to better understand legal spend, trends, compare counsel and expert witnesses etc. We like to say we are the “Expedia for Legal Services.” One stop shop for all legal services you need and the ability to “go direct”!


MyMotionCalendar was started in 2010. Today we have over 1,200 clients nationwide. Our network of attorneys attend hearings on behalf of other lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments. To date, we have handled over 100,000 hearings! is a web platform that allows any user (natural or legal person) to select a lawyer through a tender procedure. The user receives, free of charge, within 3 days, all anonymized flat-rate offers issued by registered lawyers. A user may compare the service offers by applying its own selection criteria: seniority of the lawyer, geographical distance, total fee, terms of payment, number of client recommendations ... Only if the user wishes to select a service offer, a broker commission of 20 € (VAT excluded) is requested. The contact details of the selected lawyer are then transmitted to the user. Via, all lawyers get a completely free access to a genuine marketplace of legal cases. Lawyers can set up alerts and be notified as soon as a new tender falls within their geographical or competence area. Profiles of registered lawyers are not public. Neither third parties nor registered lawyers have access to the content of submitted services offers.

Justice Toolbox, Inc.

Calculates lawyer win rates from court records and shares them for free. We aim to help all Americans find the best lawyer for their case.


SKUANI is an innovative and highly professional online platform for professional services in the fields of law, tax and accounting/fiduciary. SKUANI allows clients to efficiently get in touch with suitable consulting experts. Inform us about your consultation inquiry online or establish a specific consulting project.