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Companies in the Document Automation category

Surukam Analytics

We are and India-based legal tech startup. We design optimize and manage legal operations. Currently, we have developed an artificial-Intelligence based “Automated contract analyzing” Tool: CruxiQ; This Tool completely automates abstraction of key contract details and allows you to filter contracts and compare according to their clauses. Not only that, this self-service analytics solution with cognitive intelligence gives you insights you never knew possible.


LawDroid is an intelligent chatbot that can help you incorporate your business on your smartphone for free, no lawyer required.


Doxbi’s Calendaring Tool is a one-click calendaring magician! Doxbi extracts the date, time, and location of upcoming hearings from the court documents in your email inbox and automatically creates a calendar event for you. Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, or even an accountant managing litigation, Doxbi can save you precious time. Doxbi is a stand alone plugin on Outlook or can be integrated into your case management system.

Closing Folders Inc.

Closing Folders is the world’s leading transaction management platform. It is trusted on billions of dollars of transactions by the world’s leading law firms and legal departments. Closing Folders automates time-intensive and error-prone work like creating signing packages or closing books. Major law firms use Closing Folders to improve client service, increase associate job satisfaction, and streamline back-office functions like creating and archiving standardized closing books.


Founded by a law firm partner and a Google search engineer, Lawyaw brings together a brilliant and diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, social scientists, designers, linguists, and industry veterans to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive drafting platform in the world.


Microsystems delivers patented technology that empowers professionals to focus on content, instead of worrying about formatting, style and semantics. The software works seamlessly in the background to analyze and correct language and formatting. This Artificial Document Intelligence averts costly errors and preserves professional reputations. The outcome is bullet-proof documents, delivered effortlessly, every time. Microsystems headquarters are located in Chicago, IL.

Legalist Online On Hukuk Hizmetleri A.S.

Legalist is an online form filling and lawyer referral service that users can generate agreements, get their documents reviewed by licences lawyers, and consult to licenced lawyers in Turkey. We aim to disrupt the conventional legal industry in Turkey and the EMEA region.