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Companies in the Document Automation category

PatentPal Inc.

PatentPal provides patent attorneys and inventors with a SaaS word processor for drafting patent applications with AI-powered tools for language generation and real-time proofreading. By automating mechanical aspects of patent drafting, PatentPal’s platform helps attorneys reduce costs and improve patent quality. By free up otherwise billable time, patents attorneys can focus more on higher value work such as claim crafting, strategic counselling, and patent portfolio design.


Founded is a digital legal platform for modern lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Legit Quest

Research Tool for Stakeholders of Legal Industry


Draft Smart (LegalSpell)


Blockchain for Law


Convert Doc / PDF to monitored repsonsive Web


We Make The World Go Legal

Agence Juridique

Agence Juridique est une start-up spécialisée dans les formalités juridiques. Notre coeur de métier est la création d'entreprise. Nous avons déjà accompagné plus de 20 000 entrepreneurs dans toute la France et obtenu des milliers de financement d'entreprise.


Wundertax is a fintech company providing online solutions for consumers to submit their income tax declarations.

Living Legacies

Making advanced care directives effective and efficient