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nubbius is a practice management software as a service, tighlity integrated with G Suite (forme Google Apps) or Office 365 cloud productivity solutions. Targetted to Solo Lawyers or Small / Medium law firms.


When closing deals, there is a stressful, chaotic, risk-filled void between your data room and the final closing volume. At Doxly, we fill that disorienting void with a hub of control and oversight, providing the peace of mind to all parties invited to the platform to know where each deal is in its progression. Built by lawyers, Doxly helps lawyers deliver better client experiences while building stronger practices by eliminating frustration inherent in legal transactions!

Mobile Helix, Inc.

Makers of the LINK encrypted app for lawyers. Lawyers can now work with email, documents, DMS, and access the firm portal from smartphones and tablets. It's easy to compare docs, edit a doc, check it into DMS, send a redline, annotate a PDF, and more, securely.


Comprehensive case management software for personal injury attorneys. From tracking leads to the resolution of the client trust, we empower law firms every step of the way. CASEpeer's robust features help your attorneys and staff master their case loads. Features include organized cases, intake management, campaign tracking, settlement tools, lien reductions, litigation, integrated calendar, task management, letter generation, customizable case plans, document management, & powerful reports.


Bill4Time is a secure, cloud-based legal time billing solution chosen by more than 50,000 firms. Time tracking (with ABA litigation code sets), matters management, trust and IOLTA accounting, document management and more. A builtin payment portal (supports LawPay, Stripe, PayPal and ACH). Information is safe and secure with 256-bit data encryption + local data backup. All invoices and reports can be customized to precisely match existing documents. The company offers free data migration services from other time billing systems.


Atrium is a tech-enabled law firm which makes legal services fast, transparent and price predictable for startups. Our goal is to do this by combining experienced lawyers with engineers that build software to make legal work efficient. is a simple platform to negotiate contract terms. Users can make offers, track deal progress and resolve disagreements.

Codify Legal Publishing

Codify is using automation to transform the legal world.


Casetab was started to build a best-in-class case management system to save criminal justice practitioners’ time. We've spoken to hundreds clerks, judges, attorneys, social workers, and other justice organization's staffers to hear about their needs for their next case management system. Over the next few years we are using state of the art work in data analysis and design to help solve problems in data management and criminal justice.

Sheriasoft Technologies

Sheriasoft is a cloud-based law practice management software that integrates billing, time tracking, calendaring, matter, task & document management, all in one application.