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IP Shark

This is why we've streamlined an affordable process and built proprietary technology to effectively enforce your trademarks, patents, and copyrights.


We're currently readying the launch of our SaaS platform Ipselex. Based on algorithms developed over the last 4 years involving natural language processing and true 'deep learning', Ipselex automates patent search, infringement and validity analysis, analytics and benchmarking, and application preparation.


It is a web-portal containing legal information about Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.


No lawyer is smarter than all lawyers


Mapping the legal genome to help you better understand the law.

Karnov Group Denmark A/S

Denmark-based provider of online legal professional information. The Company provides subscription-based legislation, case law and regulatory information primarily online. Its customers include law firms, companies, government lawyers and law students, as well as accounting firms and corporate accountants.

Rapgenius for the law


We founded ModusP for the sole purpose of providing legal professionals with the best and most efficient research experience possible.


Open, Online Legal Argument