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Patexia Inc.

Patexia.Contest - A crowdsourcing platform for solving corporate IP problems

PSS Systems

PSS Systems provides enterprise discovery management software solutions for legal holds and collections markets.

AssistMyCase, Inc.

AssistMyCase‰, Inc. provides Litigation Intelligenceå¨ products and solutions for Litigators, Corporate, General and In-House Counsels at medium-to-large enterprises that aid in the management of commercial legal disputes to help achieve faster, less expensive and superior legal outcomes.


Nextpoint is on-demand software and responsive support to help conquer litigation at a price your clients will love.





NextGen Reporting

NextGen is the state-of-the-art court reporting and trial services provider.

DTI Global

DTI is a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company serving law firms and corporations around the globe. Founded in 1998, DTI leads the industry in litigation, discovery, court reporting and managed services. We help corporations and law firms of all sizes lower overhead costs, reduce risk, and streamline document and electronic data management—so they can focus on their core business.


Prolorem eDi may significantly reduce document analysis time while providing high accuracy and excellent consistency.