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HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United States
Tagswealth management, software, privacy, open source, machine learning, legal tech, developer apis, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence


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LegalThings One 

LegalThings started in 2014 as a platform to digitize agreements. Rather than just generating text and automating signing, we focused on the logic within a contract. This allowed companies can run their in- and external business processes much more efficient. Early 2016 we were the first in Europe to add proof of existence (using the Bitcoin blockchain) in our application for the documents being signed / agreed. By doing so we introduced the blockchain to organizations, showing it was useful for more than digital currency. In 2017 we introduced LiveContracts; A platform to model agreements in such a way that they are easily understandable for both computers and humans. Breaking down an agreement or law in these understandable pieces has the added benefit that some parts (those considered simple and safe enough) can be executed by computers that have no or very basic AI. Other parts can be left to human interpretation.

smart contracts, blockchain


LawAdvisor operates a cloud based platform that provides information about legal professionals.

software, legal tech, legal, consulting, advice


Netcog is a privately-held company that designs, develops and deploys web-based applications for a select group of private clients.

software, legal tech, legal, internet, information technology


LawCoin is a litigation finance and digital assets company.

venture capital, lending, legal tech, legal, fintech, financial services, blockchain


LawTrades is an online message-based platform that allows anyone to seamlessly find, hire, and work with lawyers.

web apps, software, marketplace, legal tech, legal, intellectual property, information technology