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The Blika platform is the starting point for the digitalization of the legal department and will help you to collect various types of data in a structured process. The solution is developed in modules which means that you can start with the modules you currently need and scale up at a later date by easily switching on additional modules. All modules are integrated and information is therefore available where it is needed and you avoid double entry of data. In addition, you will be able to automate manual work when working in an integrated one system solution. Many times several departments use the same base information, e.g. legal entity information and ownership structure, which makes it possible to increase efficiency by having several departments work in the solution (and share the cost). Each department will be able to view and work only with the information they need in their own modules, i.e. each department will not see the other departments data. However, data which is needed in their respective process will be retrieved from other modules where it is available in order to avoid double work and increase quality and efficiency.


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