SkyRefund is a company determined to empower air passengers and provide them with a simple, quick and easy way of upholding their rights. SkyRefund's legal team is comprised of some of the most experienced European lawyers, providing legal help and compensation to air passengers who have experienced a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding.

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Assisting people in claiming due flight compensation from airlines. The visitors can submit their claims, send necessary documents and sign automatically and for free. The company helps its customers to receive compensation for delayed and canceled flights, denied boardings and missed connections. ClaimMyFlights uses EU regulations (EC 261/2004), which legislates flight compensations. This is a regulation that covers all the EU airspace and all flights in and out of the EU. ClaimMyFlights relies on experience and know-how executing a mission to fight reluctant airlines and win compensations for passengers.

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Claim Flights 

Claim Flights helps flight passengers who were left stranded due to delayed or cancelled or overbooked flights to get their money back from the airlines under EU Regulation 261/2004. Free Compensation Calculator and letter template are loved by passengers, as they get their money entirely without any legal hassles, but chances are some what lower as airlines rejects the cases, if passengers doesn't know real reason behind the circumstances. Claim Flights based on their historic and real time database is aware of actual reason thus more likely to receive the reimbursement from the airlines.

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ClaimCompass helps air passengers get over $700 in compensation for their delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. Our automated process allows us to process thousands of claims. By combining our legal and technological expertise, we have already helped thousands of air passengers get their due compensation from the airline.

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FlyBack LLC 

Your Rights to Claim Flight Delay Compensation - EU 261 : If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you arrive at your final destination at least 3 hours after the scheduled time due to causes within the airline carrier's control, you are entitled for up to €600 compensation according to EU Regulation 261/2004. Flight delay compensation claims are only applicable to flights leaving an EU airport and/or any flight arriving at an EU airport by an EU registered carrier. You are Entitled to Compensation If you have one of the following situation: - Flight Delay - Flight is Delayed and you arrive at your final destination at least 3 hours after the scheduled time - Flight Cancellation - Flight is Cancelled and you were given less than 14 days’ notice before departure - Missed Connecting Flight - Your Flight is Delayed and as a result you miss connecting flight

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Claim Flights GmbH 

ClaimFlights was started with the sole mission of helping air passengers to claim compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 for flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, and missed flight connections while educating passengers about their flight rights along the way.

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