Virtual data room SaaS


CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersToronto, ON, Canada
Tags saas, transactions, document exchange, data room, document sharing
Target MarketCompanies
Business ModelLegal Tech


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Blue J Legal 

Tax law assistance using IBM Watson

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Workshare Transact 

Workshare Transact is a new application offered by Workshare, the longstanding provider of the Deltaview document comparison technology to the legal industry. Transact enables attorneys to manage complex transactions efficiently and provides the relevant tools required to get transactional document management tasks completed quickly.

closing checklists, transactions, deals, checklists, closing binders


nubbius is a practice management software as a service, tighlity integrated with G Suite (forme Google Apps) or Office 365 cloud productivity solutions. Targetted to Solo Lawyers or Small / Medium law firms.

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Everchron is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way that lawyers use technology. A lawyer’s work goes far beyond review and production and Everchron is focused on solving day-to-day problems that lawyers face in managing key documents, facts and work product. Everchron’s collaborative case management software puts all your case critical information and analysis at your fingertips in a central workspace, accessible from anywhere.

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