The easiest way to fix a parking ticket.


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A full-featured application for working with contracts. Only for Mac.

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NosterLex is an online legal marketplace which connects legal service providers with individuals and businesses in need of legal services. Our legal service providers range from fully-fledged lawyers to paralegals, consultants, graduates and even students – anyone with legal knowledge that is capable of sharing their know-how with others. Clients can be from anywhere in the world and will have access to a database full of legal service providers, organized by ratings and reviews from past cases, and can publish their case on the Marketplace for the LSPs to bid on. This environment allows for non-lawyers to provide legal services at below market prices and compete with high-priced lawyers, opening up the legal market to a greater portion of society and making better use of the current legal market, saturated with law school graduates. Moreover, NosterLex is not only a Marketplace – it is a Community that gives value to all its members. Content shall be shared giving advice on a vast array of legal topics, helping our members with their most common problems – for free.

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Find Legal Help You Can Trust



Create, Sign, and Send legally binding agreements on your phone.

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The First Exclusive Market Place for Lawyers

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