Catherine Krow

Easily and accurately predict, price and manage legal matters with Digitory Legal. We leverage data to help law firms and legal departments understand what matters should cost and why, improve efficiency, and manage to budget.


CategoryPractice Management
HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA
Tags#legalops, #legalprocurement, #legalpricing, #spendmanagement, #budgeting, #litigation


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4cLegal, founded in 2014, is an innovative benefit SME that has developed the first digital platform for matching supply and demand for services of corporate legal or fiscal assistance, i.e. aimed at companies and entities, in Italy. 4cLegal has responded to the needs of the so-called "legal procurement' market by creating a platform called 4cLegal Enterprise, which allows you to (i) create and manage profiled lists of professionals worldwide, (ii) carry out "Digital Beauty Contest" procedures by selecting the most suitable professional firm following the comparison of experience, skills, characteristics organizational characteristics, assignment management strategies and costs, and (iii) mapping and managing assignments by noting deadlines, enabling the exchange of documents and tracking accrued costs.

#legal tech, #legalprocurement, #legaltools, #paas