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HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA, USA
Tagsanalytics, data mining, collaboration
Target MarketCompanies
Business ModelLegal Tech


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Case Law Search 

Case Law Search is to provide you with a high quality research tool.

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Avvoka enables businesses to automatically generate, track, e-sign, and store their standard-form legal contracts online.

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DirectLaw provides a virtual law platform that enables law firms to offer online legal services.

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The Contractual Genome Project

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hukumonline.com by PT Justika Siar Publika 

Hukumonline is a leading regulatory technology company in Indonesia. Hukumonline.com was established in 2000 by a small cohort of pioneering figures in Indonesian law, early during Indonesia’s reformation period. Initiated to educate and to offer quality legal insights, Hukumonline now stands as one of Indonesia’s most comprehensive, integrated and trusted providers of legal information. Hukumonline provides easy access to legal information for business and legal professionals. The English version of the website, pro.hukumonline.com, also publishes premium commentary and analysis of current Indonesian law. In recent years, hukumonline.com began using Artificial Intelligent based computer program to build the country’s largest database of laws, regulations and court decisions. In 2018, Hukumonline also launched LIA (Legal Intelligent Assistant), the first legal chat-bot in Indonesia. LIA currently covers three basic legal subjects of family law and in progress to cover more legal subjects. Hukumonline.com is continuing to grow and develop its business model through the establishment of two subsidiaries: easybiz.id and Justika.com.

analytics, legal research, document automation, e-discovery