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Simple and secure technology to connect clients and attorneys online.

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Legis Información y Soluciones 

Legis is a solutions provider focus on products in the areas of law, accounting and foreign trade. Legis portfolio includes a platform for legal information research (Legis Xperta), a practice management software (Legisoffice), and a platform for the analysis of case law (Legis analytics).

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Monax is the company behind Burrow, an open platform for developers and devops to build, ship and run blockchain-based applications for business ecosystems. Businesses use blockchain, smart contract and distributed storage technologies to share data, eliminate redundancy and communicate more efficiently with other participants in their business ecosystems. We call applications that use these technologies ecosystem applications. Monax sells legally compliant smart contract based SDKs to accelerate time to market with sophisticated ecosystem applications.

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Instant agreements. Anytime. Anyplace.

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Fair Document 

We provide affordable access to lawyers and allow users' easy control over all their legal documents.Ìø_

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