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CategoryLegal Education
HeadquartersGlenside, PA
Tags legal education, continuing legal educaation
Target MarketService Providers
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech


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A better way to learn the law.

legal education


Legal Education

legal education

Snap Law 

Law School Made Awesome

legal education

HowToFile TV 

Do It Yourself Legal Filing A lot of times when it comes to the law things seem a lot more complicated then they actually are. HowToFile TV empowers you to do it yourself or if you decide to seek legal counsel, help you to understand the process that you are going through. Their video courses act as your legal guide, taking you step by step through the processes and procedures.

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Weblaw AG 

Weblaw is a Berne (Switzerland) based specialist providing a daily work basis for scholars and practicing law professionals. The company offers a wide range of market information, scientific knowledge and services for all legal needs. Weblaw is a developer of automation and search technology, a specialized editor with a strong online and new media focus as well as a consulting company.

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