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A better way to learn the law.

legal education

Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction 

CALI is a nonprofit consortium of over 200 US law schools that works at the intersection of legal education, technology and access to justice. CALI publishes over 1000 web-based tutorials in 40 different legal subject areas used by law faculty and students to learn the law. CALI publishes ecasebooks under Creative Commons license that are free & open alternatives to expensive and closed traditional casebooks. CALI developed A2J Author which is used by legal aid attorneys, courts and law schools to automate legal forms for practice and SRLs (self representing litigants). A2J Author has been used over 3.5 million times. www

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Essay Writing Services 

Essay Writing Services is a company based in Canada. They offer assistance with essay writing across the country. With a large team of experts, they help improve academic grades. Additionally, they provide various services for students, such as taking online classes or exams. To learn more about their services, simply visit their website.

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Practical Learning for Aspiring and Practicing Lawyers

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