Surukam Analytics

We are and India-based legal tech startup. We design optimize and manage legal operations. Currently, we have developed an artificial-Intelligence based “Automated contract analyzing” Tool: CruxiQ; This Tool completely automates abstraction of key contract details and allows you to filter contracts and compare according to their clauses. Not only that, this self-service analytics solution with cognitive intelligence gives you insights you never knew possible.


CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersChennai, India
Tags analytics, ai, contract, abstraction, redlining, drafting

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Evichat is a cost-effective solution for lawyers to efficiently collect, analyze, and review social-media evidence on-demand. Evichat was built with two people in mind, the lawyer, and the client. Our self-collection tool allows clients to submit their social-media communications (Slack, FB Messenger, etc.) without giving up control of their mobile device.

analytics, mars, legalx, liz, ediscovery, dmz, social media, collection


Specifio augments law firm patent practices with cutting-edge deep learning and natural language generation technologies. It generates complete patent application drafts based on concise practitioner inputs. Practitioners can now maximize their time and expertise by focusing on the client experience and only key aspects of the patent preparation process. Specifio handles the rest with near-instantaneous turnaround. It’s like text auto-complete, but for entire patent applications. With Specifio, there is no software to install or new tools to learn making it a seamless addition to any patent practice. The dramatically boosted per-practitioner throughput combined with increasingly popular fixed fee client billing translates to substantially improved profit margins per billable hour.

artificial intelligence, ai, nlp, nlg, natural language generatation, natural langauge processing, automated patent drafting


We Help Lawyers Predict the Future

analytics, data mining


Automated legal document analysis

documents, analytics, data mining


HourVoice is a worker empowerment "platform" consisting of two parts -- a Worker App and an Advocates Workbench. The App collects data from workers, while the Workbench anonymizes and aggregates that data into a form that's useful to worker advocates -- unions, worker centers, plaintiff attorneys, enforcement officials, and researchers. In the Worker App, users can: -Document their hours and make sure they're being properly paid (calculates overtime and gross pay, builds timesheets). - Rate their employer and see ratings/recommendations on other employers. - Learn about their work rights by answering an ongoing series of questions about working conditions. In return, we give them a relevant "insight" into their rights. The app is free, and revenue comes from advocates subscribing to the analytics provided by the Workbench.

analytics, labor, worker rights, wage theft, workplace data