Leading spanish marketplace for lawyers. Automatized action bidding system for lawyers and law firms to generate new customers. elAbogado is a legal marketplace that generates clients for lawyers, and help individuals and business to find the right lawyers.


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Arrest SOS 

The App That Gets You Out Of Jail.

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Instant agreements. Anytime. Anyplace.

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Foundation Software Group 

Foundation Software Group is a developer of next-generation software for large law firms. The company is led by an accomplished team of professionals who have a proven track record of success in law firm application development. The company’s flagship offering is Foundation Experience Management, an enterprise software platform that helps firms leverage their collective work experience and the expertise of its lawyers.

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Unbundled Attorney 

Unbundled Attorney is a premium lead generation service that delivers exclusive leads directly into your inbox in realtime. We use advanced search engine and social media marketing techniques to get in front of people that are actively seeking a family law, immigration, or estate planning attorney like you in their local areas. Next, we educate the people who respond about the value and benefits of unbundled legal services, and provide them with an accurate expectation of what these services will typically cost. Interested individuals who submit a request to be connected with an attorney will be delivered to you via email, realtime SMS Text Alert*, and directly into your Unbundled Attorney account.

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Legal education app for criminal law

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