LawZam is a nationwide network of attorneys providing online legal consultations


HeadquartersHermosa Beach, California, United States
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Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Service Using Tech


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MyCourthouse is a free communication and collaboration platform exclusively for law students.

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Document and Process Automation for small and medium sized law firms.

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XSUD software is designed for legal proceedings record keeping. The service is applied for systematization of information on legal proceedings, notifications on important events, automation of reports making and lawyers’ team work management. The main features of XSUD Software are: - Creation of common information space for legal department operation; - Record keeping on legal proceedings, claims, inspections, enforcement proceedings and contracts; - Automated downloading of information on legal proceedings from portal; - Adjustment of personal calendar for each lawyer with automatic notifications about forthcoming events; - Making reports and statements on legal proceedings; - Setting and control of instructions execution; - Safety assurance and data access control. Effects of XSUD Software implementation are: - Increase of information availability for each lawyer/Advanced information availability for each lawyer; - Reduction of monthly labor costs for reports making; - Reduction of the risks of important information loss; - Increase of to each lawyer’s operation efficiency and efficiency of legal department operation as a whole.

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LawGuage is a discussion forum for free legal procedures, finance, government schemes, business, and tax advice.

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