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MeWe CoInspect is trusted by leading restaurant chains, hospitality groups, manufacturers, and government agencies. Start today and join hundreds of organizations using CoInspect to manage legal compliance, brand standards, and daily operations.

Libryo Ltd

The Libryo Platform enables compliance professionals to understand their organisation's legal obligations in any situation. The Libryo Platform’s context specific "Libryos" enable understanding of the specific regulatory sections which they face per context, for any topic, with plain language summaries per-section. This "section specific" precision leads to the previously impossible integration of operational risk and legal risk. Whether your management systems and risk assessments are Excel based or GRC software based, operational risk and legal risk can now be managed in an holistic manner.

i-Wisdom Business Partners

i-Wisdom is the leading innovative data privacy solution partner for Turkish companies. i-Wisdom’s ground-breaking ORAM™ methodology and approach provides quantifiable, dynamic and consistent privacy impact assessments and risk mapping. ORAM™ enables companies to prioritize their data privacy readiness actions together with customized remedy plans for each company. The experts of i-Wisdom represent a wide collection of legal experts, IT consultants, management consultants and provide a holistic approach. Once privacy impact assessment finalized, ORAM™ provides an updated, real-time dashboard with which the companies can track their risk mapping by updating the risk assessment of any changes in the normative or factual aspects of their privacy risks.


Dataprise is a company that accumulates corporate information, connect & link their ownership one to the other across the globe for KYC, AML & Corporate ownership structure research purposes. All information are collected via publicly announced information and from Governmental sources for validation. Linkages are created from several layers of verification.