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Companies in the Compliance category


Arachnys is a technology company specializing in intelligent risk and compliance. What makes us different is that we offer unparalleled control of truly global data. We are the only way to make sure your team see exactly the data they need, retrieved and translated in real-time from the widest collection available worldwide, to empower your decision making in the most efficient and auditable way possible. The Arachnys platform is used by several of the world’s largest investment banks, consulting & law firms as well as corporates.


RightsFlow supports YouTube and Google Play by simplifying music licensing through song identification, monetization, reporting and payment efforts.

OSET Institute

The OSET Institute is all about making elections software technology publicly available in order to increase verification, accuracy, security, and transparency (in process), and ensure that ballots are counted as cast. The work is all about integrity in elections.


Identity, legal governance, risk management, and compliance for blockchain.

Libryo Ltd

The Libryo Platform enables compliance professionals to understand their organisation's legal obligations in any situation. The Libryo Platform’s context specific "Libryos" enable understanding of the specific regulatory sections which they face per context, for any topic, with plain language summaries per-section. This "section specific" precision leads to the previously impossible integration of operational risk and legal risk. Whether your management systems and risk assessments are Excel based or GRC software based, operational risk and legal risk can now be managed in an holistic manner.

i-Wisdom Business Partners

i-Wisdom is the leading innovative data privacy solution partner for Turkish companies. i-Wisdom’s ground-breaking ORAM™ methodology and approach provides quantifiable, dynamic and consistent privacy impact assessments and risk mapping. ORAM™ enables companies to prioritize their data privacy readiness actions together with customized remedy plans for each company. The experts of i-Wisdom represent a wide collection of legal experts, IT consultants, management consultants and provide a holistic approach. Once privacy impact assessment finalized, ORAM™ provides an updated, real-time dashboard with which the companies can track their risk mapping by updating the risk assessment of any changes in the normative or factual aspects of their privacy risks.


Dataprise is a company that accumulates corporate information, connect & link their ownership one to the other across the globe for KYC, AML & Corporate ownership structure research purposes. All information are collected via publicly announced information and from Governmental sources for validation. Linkages are created from several layers of verification.


8of9 is a next generation RegTech company that translates complex financial regulation into simple solutions. We strive to build a world where regulatory compliance is automated and easy to understand. Our tools capture, store, and monitor regulatory content so it can be read by machines and understood by humans. 8of9: RegTech starts here.

Waymark Tech

We provide an AI, specifically NLP that sits within your existing systems and parses the millions of pages of regulation to provide you with the answer to your questions when you need the information the most.

Ascent Technologies Inc.

Ascent Technologies Inc's ultimate goal is to assist compliance and operations staff at financial institutions with maintaining compliance with rapidly changing and burdensome rules and regulations.