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Predictive analysis for litigation


The Contractual Genome Project


Legal intelligence and collaboration for companies.


We Help Lawyers Predict the Future


Automated legal document analysis

Lex Machina

Legal Analytics for Winning IP Strategy

Surukam Analytics

We are and India-based legal tech startup. We design optimize and manage legal operations. Currently, we have developed an artificial-Intelligence based “Automated contract analyzing” Tool: CruxiQ; This Tool completely automates abstraction of key contract details and allows you to filter contracts and compare according to their clauses. Not only that, this self-service analytics solution with cognitive intelligence gives you insights you never knew possible.

Justice Toolbox, Inc.

Calculates lawyer win rates from court records and shares them for free. We aim to help all Americans find the best lawyer for their case.


HourVoice is a worker empowerment "platform" consisting of two parts -- a Worker App and an Advocates Workbench. The App collects data from workers, while the Workbench anonymizes and aggregates that data into a form that's useful to worker advocates -- unions, worker centers, plaintiff attorneys, enforcement officials, and researchers. In the Worker App, users can: -Document their hours and make sure they're being properly paid (calculates overtime and gross pay, builds timesheets). - Rate their employer and see ratings/recommendations on other employers. - Learn about their work rights by answering an ongoing series of questions about working conditions. In return, we give them a relevant "insight" into their rights. The app is free, and revenue comes from advocates subscribing to the analytics provided by the Workbench.

Premonition Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys win before which Judges.