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Companies tagged with consulting

Legal Miner

Legal Miner is a law of large data visualization and transparency of internet sharing platform.

Loom Analytics

Loom Analytics is a legal data analytics company that builds analytics products for the legal and insurance industries.

Solucionare LogĂ­stica JurĂ­dica

Solucionare is a Judicial Information Specialist and acts with data processing and intelligence for the legal segment in Brazil.


Legility provides consulting, technology, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent engagement services to corporations and law firms.


Law tech


Tech Consulting & Project Management

Justice Solutions Group

Private Investigations and Intelligence Firm


Plunes is the most economical online/offline consultation platform.

Management Solutions Consulting

Management Solutions Consulting is an international consulting firm whose core mission is to deliver advisory services.

Origin X Capital

A leading consultancy firm specialised in global business, legal, governance, and compliance for the financial technologies industry.