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Companies tagged with financial services


We simplify financial advice compliance


Tax reporting and compliance solutions for all digital assets.


Logwise is an independent and entrepreneurial fintech company.

Ascent Technologies Inc.

Ascent provides a cloud-based platform that helps financial services firms to keep their businesses compliant.

Origin X Capital

A leading consultancy firm specialised in global business, legal, governance, and compliance for the financial technologies industry.

DX Compliance Solutions

Making compliance for Banks, FinTechs and Cryptocurrency Exchanges easy. We offer innovative software to make the back-office of your business scaleable and reduce the time required on individual case management by ca. 75%.


Wundertax provides online tax returns filing and related services.


AI-powered software automating the process of filing a german return


Filing Mantra is online tax filing platform for small business, freelancers, and individuals.


XCLAIM revolutionizes the bankruptcy claims market by introducing digital efficiencies of scale.