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Companies tagged with legal

Sky Analytics

Sky Analytics is a B2B company that focuses on the development of legal spend management software solutions.

Docket Alarm

Docket optimizes the search, management, and analysis of documents with legal value, reducing costs and time.

Law Data Science

Law Data Science is an analytics and data science company offering bespoke consulting to the legal profession.


ModusP is a legal knowledge platform that provides law firms and jurists with unprecedented search capabilities.

Independent Strategies Digital

Independent Strategies Digital is a legal tech company that provides law tech, digital transformation, and SaaS.


Indexa focuses on legal analytic and integration law information for legal professional civil society and government.

Loom Analytics

Loom Analytics is a legal data analytics company that builds analytics products for the legal and insurance industries.

Lex Machina

Lex Machina provides legal analytics to companies and law firms to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business.


ClearstoneIP provides a platform for conducting product clearance, freedom to operate, and patent infringement-based analysis.

Solucionare LogĂ­stica JurĂ­dica

Solucionare is a Judicial Information Specialist and acts with data processing and intelligence for the legal segment in Brazil.