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Companies tagged with professional services provides access to legal databases and increase law professionals efficiency.

Blue J Legal Inc.

Blue J Legal is a machine learning and artificial intelligence that delivers absolute clarity to the law.


Legility provides consulting, technology, managed solutions, and flexible legal talent engagement services to corporations and law firms.

Callahan & Blaine

Callahan & Blaine is a California's premier litigation firm.

Curtin & Heefner

Curtin & Heefner is a law firm that provides environmental, litigation, employment and labor services.

Lexplosion Solutions

Lexplosion Solutions provides legal compliance, risk management, governance, audits, contracts, and litigation services and solutions.


Legalbird helps consumers to solve their legal issues within minutes.


ClientSide is an electronic signature for the professional services industry.

123recht provides legal news and legal advice for those who do not have a lawyer.

Civil Soot

Civil Soot provides resources and tools for legal professionals and pro se litigants.