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Companies tagged with saas


Management and remote work for lawyers. All-in-one platform to manage your law firm anywhere


Linte helps companies to lower expenses with lawsuits using document assembly and marketplace tools.


Buddle is an online marketplace for legal resources for the cannabis industry. SaaS, B2B, Legal Cannabis


Resis offers a legal practice management software that creates a better and more transparent legal experience.


Coretext is a stealth-mode B2B SaaS company that helps businesses on how they should manage their legal affairs.


Draftr is a SaaS platform for lawyers that enables collaboration and sharing of practice materials and information.

Immicompliance is a cloud-based streamlined practice and case management system for immigration and other law firms.


Mplace develops a mobile platform that facilitates open and direct communication between clients and project professionals.


Bodhala is a SaaS platform that empowers in-house legal teams to better analyze, interpret and optimize outside counsel spending.


Change the way we browse internet, starting with legal. Instead of getting millions of results for a few keywords, we answer your requests.