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Companies tagged with small and medium businesses

Captain Contrat

Captain Contrat is a legal and administrative pillar that accompanies VSEs and SMEs in all stages of the development.

openlaws gmbh

Openlaws is a legal information system with features for personalization and visualization.


MiAbogado facilitates the process of connecting clients and lawyers.


Lexvisors are online marketplace that makes legal advice transparent and affordable.


All-in-one back office platform for startups and SMEs (Legal, Accounting and Payroll)

Bend Law Group, PC

Bend Law Group is a law firm that helps small business owners and startups launch their companies.

FIRM24 is a one-stop-shop for digital SMEs that provides a total solution for administrative and legal requirements.


Web Design And Development

Kontrak Hukum (Buatkontrak)

Kontrak Hukum (Buatkontrak) is a legal tech company located in Menteng.

Nerd Bird Solutions

At our online education platform, we offer courses in a variety of fields, one of which is law. In addition to our courses, we provide AI tutors who can support independent study.