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Companies tagged with software


Brightleaf helps in mining information from unstructured, text-based documents, and making it accessible.

Sky Analytics

Sky Analytics is a B2B company that focuses on the development of legal spend management software solutions.

Law Data Science

Law Data Science is an analytics and data science company offering bespoke consulting to the legal profession.


ModusP is a legal knowledge platform that provides law firms and jurists with unprecedented search capabilities.

Lex Machina

Lex Machina provides legal analytics to companies and law firms to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business.

Softplan Planejamento e Sistemas Ltda.

Softplan is one of the largest technology companies in Brazil. We deliver solutions in Justice, Constrution and Public Management.


Kurier offers a data analytics platform so legal firms can monitor all the happenings going on within the Brazilian justice system.

UniCourt Inc.

UniCourt provides Legal Data as a Service via our APIs to AmLaw 50 firms and Fortune 500 businesses for accessing normalized court data.


Automatised KYC for regulated companies


Risk assessment, risk management and compliance platform