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We plan, design and develop tools that guarantee you: efficiency in processes, savings in filing and moving expenses, legal information security and document integrity.

Legasis Services Private Limited

Even before the term Legaltech was coined, Legasis envisioned itself in the space of fusion IT & Lawyering. Legasis has broken down over 25000 business legislations across 31 countries and created a task database of over 350,000 tasks. Legatrix+ the compliance management software is commissioned at over 850 corporate entities. Over 25% of India's market cap is under Legatrix+. Legatrix+ contains exhaustive knowledge repository, smart technology features and has many uses beyond statutory & regulatory compliance. Legasis has also developed technology solutions on Contracts Management, Litigation Management, IP Management and Board Evaluation. it works various technology platform and is currently developing use-cases for blockchain.


MeWe CoInspect is trusted by leading restaurant chains, hospitality groups, manufacturers, and government agencies. Start today and join hundreds of organizations using CoInspect to manage legal compliance, brand standards, and daily operations.

Claim Flights

Claim Flights helps flight passengers who were left stranded due to delayed or cancelled or overbooked flights to get their money back from the airlines under EU Regulation 261/2004. Free Compensation Calculator and letter template are loved by passengers, as they get their money entirely without any legal hassles, but chances are some what lower as airlines rejects the cases, if passengers doesn't know real reason behind the circumstances. Claim Flights based on their historic and real time database is aware of actual reason thus more likely to receive the reimbursement from the airlines.

RegNet Solutions, LLC

RegNet Solutions, LLC is a provider of legal research tools for the automotive industry. RegNet Search ( helps users track, research, and communicate regulatory change more efficiently. We track vehicle regulations and proposals in major markets around the world. The database is designed to help you save time on monitoring the regulatory pipeline and pinpoint and communicate changes in regulations. RegNet Q&A ( is a place for staying informed, sharing ideas and developing careers. This is a new, question and answer community site designed specifically for the industry.

Fast and Easy Compliance due diligence and Contract Management


Creating innovative tech solutions to automate compliance for business


We are introducing a business legal compliance check software to detect the initial compliance status of the business entities & personal belongings. Most importantly, we are implementing an artificial intelligence tool (LS Bot) to guide our clients 24/7.


Making Tax Filing Hassle Free for Small Biz and Individuals


Secure HIPPA Compliant Document Management