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Companies in the Online Dispute Resolution category


BidSettle facilitates online settlements by allowing the exchange of confidential monetary offers and counter-offers, or bids.

Neksus Technologies

Neksus develops collaboration and automation tools to help lawyers and underwriters streamline bond issues, reducing legal risk.


Built especially for landlords, WayToSettle provides online dispute resolution software that helps parties resolve their disputes.


LawMatters is a dispute resolution platform facilitating collaboration with lawyers, resolution experts, law students, and paralegals.

Just Me Technologies

At Just Me, we help companies towards GDPR compliance, while giving back control of the personal data to their real owners: the users.

Fair Outcomes, Inc.

Providing simple new solutions for managing and resolving claims, all of which are grounded in theories of fair division and the theory of games.


yurJURY is the premier provider of virtual mock jury panels, mock trials and focus groups - helpingyurJury clients make informed litigation decisions.


Swiftcourt is an online dispute resolution system, based on innovative arbitration, designed for consumers and/or businesses to facilitate arbitration processes.


We replace small claims court with online arbitration for <$5-10K legal claims. In doing so we provide our customers with a quicker/better alternative to small claims court.


eJust is a 100 % online arbitration platform which provides a way to settle any arbitrable dispute in a fast and cost-effective way, without causing a strain on the business relationship. Accelerate Justice to accelerate business.