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NetLex is a cloud-based Legal Practice Management Software, SaaS for the legal profession. Currently developing and serving the Italian market, with approximately 270,000 lawyers and 160,000 legal operators. NetLex is currently the only 100% cloud-based software on the market.


The Innography solution was built with a singular focus – answering IP questions more quickly, more accurately and more insightfully than was possible before. Every feature and visualization is designed to solve a business need, not just present pretty graphs or list out reams of data.

Legalbox simplifies the way to get legal tasks done through a web-based platform with a minimalist user interface and boards to make your workflow visual and efficient, where lawyers can rely on technology to organize what, when and how things have to be done to moving forward each case.


ClientSherpa is the easiest way for solos and small firms to automate their intake process. New clients can book consultations (including payment), fill out secure intake forms, sign fee agreements, and you get all of that information sent directly to your case management provider of choice. is a flexible practice management solution that is easily customized to work the way you do, supports collaboration with your team and clients, incorporates AI-powered tools streamlining workflow, and integrates with leading applications including Outlook, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Gmail, and more.


DocuSign is changing the way we live and do business. That’s because DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to sign and approve just about anything from any mobile device—anywhere in the world. DocuSign is so simple to learn and easy to use, it will transform the way your customers do business with you.


TenderScout SaaS is, the A to Z solution for finding, qualifying and competing for government contracting opportunities. Used by small and medium sized companies around the world, TenderScout eliminates the barriers to participation and increases win-rates and revenues achieved from bid/tender competitions.


matters.Cloud makes life simple for legal professionals with time and expense recording, contact, client, matter, invoicing, opportunity, trust and task management all available within an easy to use cloud based platform. Store your data locally in any one of 5 data regions and and choose from 10 languages.

Vertex App

Vertex provides legal advice, agreements and promissory notes to startups, landlords, uber car owners and millennials who cant afford a AAA firm. The app allows the user to build an agreement by just filling in the required blanc spaces and also let him manage the agreements trough the contract management cycle.


TrustedHeir is the secure, revenue-generating application for estate planners that automates the process of managing digital assets. TrustedHeir is designed to automate the process of organizing your client’s digital assets, keeping their login information up-to-date and managing the execution of the digital estate upon your client’s passing.