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Online Dispute Resolution


Online Dispute Resolution


yurJURY is the premier provider of virtual mock jury panels, mock trials and focus groups - helpingyurJury clients make informed litigation decisions.


BidSettle is a website that facilitates online settlements by allowing the exchange of confidential monetary offers and counter-offers, or bids.


The Fairness Engine for the Internet

Court Innovations Inc.

Court Innovations Inc Matterhorn, you can take your case to court and access court services – without setting foot in a courthouse.


Conflicteam is a useful tool and interface for two parties who are entangled in a dispute or some other type of conflict. The purpose of Conflicteam is to bring the two disputing parties together to find an amicable solution while maintaining the individual interests of each party to the dispute using a unique mechanism for quick resolution –a tool that enables each party to submit a compromise proposal based on their own interests.

Court Innovations Inc.

Court Innovations Inc., makers of the Matterhorn online case and dispute resolution platform, is a spin-out of the University of Michigan Law School co-founded by U-M law professor and Stanford alumnus JJ Prescott. Matterhorn brings people together in an online environment to resolve relatively minor legal issues, such as small claims cases, delinquents taxes, warrants, disputed traffic and parking cases and more. It's going to court – without going to court.


eJust is a 100 % online arbitration platform which provides a way to settle any arbitrable dispute in a fast and cost-effective way, without causing a strain on the business relationship. Accelerate Justice to accelerate business.


Brāv trains anyone in conflict management who in turn manage the conflicts of others directly on the site.