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Sky Analytics

Better manage legal spend


Viewabill, a cloud-based technology, enables clients of legal, accounting, and consulting firms to monitor pre-bill activity in real-time.


Tyche aims to build predictive analytics for legal claim outcomes based on structured, proprietary settlement data by using public and proprietary data.

Access Family Law

Access Family Law gives you a simple and affordable way to complete your divorce documents and manage your divorce case without an attorney.









RAVN Systems

RAVN Systems are experts in Artificial Intelligence, next generation Enterprise Search, Graph Search and Knowledge Management solutions. Their revolutionary technology allows firms to drive radical changes through the intelligent adoption and application of technology. Discover how our revolutionary technologies can improve margins, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with data retention policies.

Kira Systems

Kira Systems helps law firms and other enterprises make meaning from their unstructured contracts and related documents. Kira's proprietary machine learning technology excels at automatically identifying and extracting relevant provisions from all types of contracts, and organizes them into metadata that can be exported and synced into other systems. Kira comes with built-in machine learning models covering general commercial terms, real estate leases and compliance terms, as well as those provisions that are commonly reviewed in due diligence and post-merger integration. Customers can also customize Kira’s capabilities via its easy-to-use Quick Study feature to train additional machine learning models that can accurately identify virtually any desired clause. Kira's customers include some of the world's largest law firms and other professional services firms, who have trusted the technology on over $100 billion in transactions in 2015 alone. Kira Systems was named a Gartner Cool Vendor 2016, was awarded the Legaltech News 2016 Innovation Award for Knowledge Management Software of the Year, and was shortlisted for several other awards including Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence by AIconics 2016, and the International Legal Technology Association's Innovative Solution Provider in 2016.