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Legal Miner

Legal Miner provides a multidimensional exploration of the Chinese market, industry, and society, by evaluating and analyzing Chinese judicial decisions. Due to the transparency movement of the Chinese judicial system, Legal Miner seeks to combine data mining and legal analytics expertise to reveal the enigmatic Chinese decisions in an extensive, systematic, and visual manner. Aside from the advanced search features such as search by section, relevant law, and result, as well as other categories such as search courts, judges, parties, etc., Legal Miner also specializes in customized reports based upon unique client needs. Legal Miner goes a step beyond and not only presents clients with dispute resolution and optimal strategy solutions, but also provides comprehensive and customized report for legal and business risks assessment. We believe that, with the specialization of Legal Miner, the transparency of the Chinese judicial system will no longer be mysterious; thus, doing business and litigation in China could be viable and predictable.

Octimine Technologies

Octimine, founded by former LMU Munich and Max Planck Institute researchers, is leading in the field of applying Natural Language Processing methods to patent data. We have deep knowledge about semantic and statistical algorithms and use them to learn machines understanding patent data. Combined with a very easy to use web interface, Octimine's user can do patent searches & analytics (including citation analysis, patent value & risk metrics) in a very smart way without any training needed. The flexible Freemium pricing models enable our user to use a basic version of the software for free before upgrading to more advanced paid versions.

Compendor GmbH

Online knowledge based solutions. Compendor vision is to combine the knowledge and expertise of lawyers, bankers, and compliance specialists, into an online solution. Using Decision trees as the foundation for the Compendor proposition, and the start of a new way of mastering regulatory changes by Financial Institutions.

Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm analyzes lawsuits to predict their outcome. It can determine the likelihood of one side winning a case, and can explain how it got to that result. This type of analysis is typically performed by attorneys, and can take 6 to 40 hours depending on the complexity. By automating legal risk analysis, we can increase attorney efficiency, but more importantly, we can resolve a great deal of cases altogether. Docket Alarm's core product is already available for one specialized patent court but is aggressively moving to expand across the legal landscape.


Patent family visualization.


Patent family graph.

Lex Quantus Analytics

A Legal Technology Company that uses Analytics Technology to Automate and Optimize Legal Processes.


Make sense of your legal bills

Valcu Inc.

Valcu provides automated tools for incorporating startups in Delaware and running the post-incorporation setup (appoint directors and officers, adopt bylaws, issue founder stock with vesting and generate founder consulting or employment agreements with IP assignment). The Valcu tools include electronic signing, instructions and generate documents in various formats (e.g., web, DOCX and PDF). In addition, any set of forms can be automated, with several transactions in private beta. Valcu also has a number of other web tools to help startups under development, including capitalization table maintenance tools, term sheet and financing document generators and valuation tools.


Everchron is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way that lawyers use technology. A lawyer’s work goes far beyond review and production and Everchron is focused on solving day-to-day problems that lawyers face in managing key documents, facts and work product. Everchron’s collaborative case management software puts all your case critical information and analysis at your fingertips in a central workspace, accessible from anywhere.