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Patent family visualization.


Patent family graph.

Lex Quantus Analytics

A Legal Technology Company that uses Analytics Technology to Automate and Optimize Legal Processes.


Make sense of your legal bills


Everchron is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way that lawyers use technology. A lawyer’s work goes far beyond review and production and Everchron is focused on solving day-to-day problems that lawyers face in managing key documents, facts and work product. Everchron’s collaborative case management software puts all your case critical information and analysis at your fingertips in a central workspace, accessible from anywhere.

loom analytics

Loom is an online legal analytics system providing structure to the large corpus of unstructured Canadian legal open data.

Paper Software

Contracts are complex, interconnected blocks of information. Our products use a variety of approaches to help people deal with this complexity: • Extract information about connections from text and then present an overview. • Integrate information about connections into text (for example, by letting you explore connections by clicking words and phrases). • Proofread for broken and ambiguous connections. Contracts are also text, and text can get messy. Important information— payment amounts, deadlines, etc.— can be presented anywhere and in a variety of ways. Our products make it easy to find these less-structured kinds of information. Also, contracts change: they’re negotiated, amended, etc. Our products (especially Turner, which is a standalone document editor) offer a variety of tools for making changes to contracts: autocompleting text, tracking unfinished items and more.


Co-founded by John J. Nay, Oliver Goodenough, and J.B. Ruhl, PredictGov combines proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technologies with a deep knowledge of law and legal institutions to help lawyers and policy professionals.


Helm360 specializes in business intelligence and analytics. Our consultants and solutions can be found globally. Utilizing our deep understanding of BI and our extensive experience in the legal industry we created the Terminus Suite of Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions products.


Vijilent is a data science company that gathers insights into individuals using social media data and leverages powerful machine learning and natural language processing technologies. We work with law firms to harness the richness of data and turn it into actionable knowledge.