Visualization of laws


CategoryLegal Research
HeadquartersVancouver, BC, Canada
Tags machine learning, mars, legalx, research, education, data visualization
Target MarketCompanies
Business ModelLegal Tech

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Finding the detail in a contract need not be painful, costly or time consuming. Understanding your contract minimizes business risk and provides exceptional efficiencies. Beagle™ sniffs out the fine print, so you don’t have to.™ Beagle is a productivity tool that analyzes contracts and presents key information in a clear and interactive way. Through highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods, Beagle can read a contract and within seconds highlight what you need to know. The responsibilities, liabilities, how to terminate, and more! Our market on ramp is SME's, 50 employees and less. Finance executives and senior leaders will be targeted. Reading contracts is not their core responsibility, but they are often tasked with it because they are the end decision makers. It takes time and resources to understand these contracts. Beagle provides an excellent return on time (ROT), at a negligible lost opportunity cost (LOC).

document automation, machine learning