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TranslateFX provides instant and accurate translation of legal texts between different languages. The company develops cutting-edge AI software to translate professional texts using accurate and consistent legal terminology and concepts. TranslateFX adheres to strict data confidentiality policies and is based in Burlingame, CA and Hong Kong.


Founded is a digital legal platform for modern lawyers and entrepreneurs. is a lawbot built for entrepreneurs and startups to provide general legal information. It matches user's needs with optimal automated legal services and/or other legal service providers. Most popular inqueries involve startups and incorporation. is a platform for startups & investors to easily create and share investor eligibility docs -- Now everyone can finally have paperwork OCD!


Perfect Legal Documents. Faster.


Securely bringing contract negotiations to the cloud

Clearpath Immigration

Immigration forms made easy.


Helping startups get legal stuff done right (and fast).


The fastest, easiest way to do contracts.

CS Disco

Document review done right.