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Business Integrity

Now part of Thomson Reuters, Business Integrity is a leader in document assembly and contract creation & management for SharePoint and For law firms, our document assembly solution helps to drive fee earner efficiency and help law firms to drive new business. For in-house Legal teams, ContractExpress contract creation solutions enables organizations to reduce the time, cost, and risk of creating and managing business contracts.


Perfect Legal Documents. Faster.

Chapter 11 Dockets

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Automated background screenings and driving records

Claim Kit

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Contract drafting and clause library


ClauseMatch is a SaaS platform for negotiating smarter contracts and collaborating on documents, solving long time problems of lengthy and expensive process of management of documentation and inability to unlock the information contained within contracts and documents.


Managing contract negotiations is no easy task. Manual tracking and version control, lack of standardization, use of multiple disparate tools‰Û_all of this results in a process that is labor intensive, costly, and leaves the door wide open for mistakes. We‰Ûªve built a product to minimize risk, reduce the time people spend on tedious work, and maximize the speed at which contracts are executed.


Securely bringing contract negotiations to the cloud

Clearpath Immigration

Immigration forms made easy.