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We replace small claims court with online arbitration for <$5-10K legal claims. In doing so we provide our customers with a quicker/better alternative to small claims court.


coparently is a scheduling and communication tool for divorced & seperated families.


Justice Box offers a platform that offers online dispute resolution services.


Swiftcourt is an online dispute resolution system, based on innovative arbitration, designed for consumers and/or businesses to facilitate arbitration processes.


WayToSettle, parties are able to resolve their issues in a way that's fast, fair, and convenient.


ZipCourt is an online courtroom with an elegant, clean design and can handle a range of disputes, from simple disagreements to complex disputes.

Block Notary

Online dispute resolution

Fair and Square

Online Dispute Resolution

Jury Box

Jury Box is a proven, well-reviewed software program which allows users to digitally manage all aspects of the jury selection process. Jury Box ends the pain of jury selection organization by allowing Its users to scrap the previously prevailing method of depending on Post-it Notes.


Online dispute resolution