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Online end-of-life planning platform.


It's a web and mobile application that makes it easy to keep track of structural compliance requirements like probation officer fees, hearings, community service hours/confirmations, bail requirements and more.


AirHelp fights for your right to compensation when your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. AirHelp does all the paperwork, follow up and legal actions.


The AlgoValue SaaS platform provides a suite of efficient, intuitive, accurate and analytical tools which bring disruptive and instant transparency, as well as real-time decision-support data output for smarter investment decisions.

Aluvion Law

Flat-fee services for small and medium enterprizes

Blue J Legal

Tax law assistance using IBM Watson


CapMail transforms enterprise mail in a dynamic electronic documents management system.

Captain Contrat

Captain Agreement is a service that allows managers of existing businesses or business creators get customized legal documents, customized by lawyers, suited to their legal needs and at a cost 3-4 times less than that of an attorney appointed directly .


Blackletter enables lawyers and their clients to communicate, collaborate and share documents securely and beautifully across multiple devices.