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Companies in the Document Automation category

Epoq Legal Inc

Epoq was started 20 years ago with a mission to “make law easy.” We wanted to address a broken legal market in which the essential services consumers and businesses need are simply too expensive. Our technology is now used by some of the world’s leading brands and radically cuts the cost of delivering law. Every year we save our client’s customers over $262m in legal fees. We've created an innovative system called Rapidocs®, which makes the process of creating even complex legal documents quick and easy. Rapidocs® replicates online the face-to-face question and answer session an attorney would normally have with a client when drafting a legal document. The system includes plain-English explanations so that anyone, even those with no legal knowledge or experience, can complete a document conveniently at a time and place that suits them. Typically white-labelled and delivered to customers by insurers, banks, law firms, affinity groups and employers, our services are making access to legal services simpler than ever before.

Shakeup Online Sdn Bhd

ShakeUp Online is a leading provider of technology-enabled professional services in Southeast Asia. We provide small-medium businesses, startups and individuals with access to easy-to-use, quality, efficient and affordable online legal document services.


Sign documents online.


AI Driven End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management

Of Counsel Group

Of Counsel Group provides full-service document automation services for law firms and corporations. Our team has a proven track record of automating complex legal contracts and documents, including experience with corporate, estate planning, finance, and real estate practice groups. We focus on delivering simple and easy-to-use questionnaires and interviews, allowing your team to efficiently assemble accurate documents from day one.

RefundMyTicket.Net (Claim Assistance SAS)

We help you get a compensation of up to €600 for a delayed or cancelled flight

Like Visual Studio for Lawyers

Legaliboo Tech, S.L.

Online contract automation solution in Spanish. Also available as a license technology for law firms (white labeled service) in order to provide a contract automation online service for their own clients.

Neksus Technologies

A legal tech start-up automating debt capital market documents and processes.


Intelligent tools to make law firms smarter