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LegalCrunch helps people clear their criminal records (a process called expungement) for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer by providing automated legal documents.


Clear your criminal record.


DYI books, contracts and materials

LegalInc Corporate Services

We are looking to disrupt the Legal Services industry by offer technology driven tools directly to small businesses, accountants and lawyers - focused on starting and running a business. Transaction and recurring revenue model.


Legalix develops computing tools to create, manage and follow-up on legal documents and processes within companies, as well as to render accesible online legal services to small and medium sized companies.

LegalZoom is the nation's leading provider of personalized, online legal solutions for small business owners and families.


Make personalized contracts on your phone in under 1 minute, in English or Spanish. Legitimo is specifically designed to legally protect people that live in primarily cash-based or Hispanic communities (over 60mm in America), because they are most likely to form informal verbal agreements, which are susceptible to scam or fraud.


Automated contracts in Spanish


The future of legal writing

My Exit Strategy

My Exit Strategy‰Û ( is an interactive online will that leverages internet technology and human-centered design to make end-of-life planning simpler and more intuitive