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A scientific research project on rational decision analyses using computational graphical models. Alex will discuss computational decision analysis systems for supporting the relationship between attorneys, clients, and expert consultants in complex cases, especially litigation where scientific or forensic evidence plays a crucial role.

Legal IT Group

Anton Tarasiuk and Yurii Dokiichuk, IT lawyers at Legal IT Group, demo their project, Legal_IT_Bot, a chat game where players solve tasks, make decisions, enter into agreements, and learn the basics of law.

Risk Genius

RiskGenius leverages patent pending Policy Analytics technology. Each insurance policy is separated into clauses, which are then categorized based on common industry terminology. Users can then instantly locate key clauses across one or more policies, streamlining the review process.

Legal Insights

Legal Insights is a Brazilian Startup, that uses A.I. and Big Data Analytics to help large companies reduce their cost of litigation. Our product can track the most relevant causes of litigations. And acting in the cause, our costumers can reduce the volume of Lawsuits, and costs related to legal issues management. Based on Data and A.I., we indicate when it is cheaper to propose a settlement rather than litigate and what is the optimal value for the specific Lawsuit. When there are larger returns in litigating, we help our customers choose the best Law Firms for each specific litigation. This is based on the supplier`s speciality, fees, win rate and judge profile.