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HeadquartersToronto, ON, Canada
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Target MarketIndividuals
Business ModelLegal Tech

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Answers to legal questions and free legal advice online.

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Priori Legal 

Priori Legal is the leading curated legal marketplace. Using data and proprietary criteria, we match businesses and legal departments to a premier network of lawyers at their most competitive rates. Our platform optimizes the outside counsel search process. We further simplify these relationships through a seamless technology platform which handles billing, invoicing, and communication.

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Asia Law Network 

AsiaLawNetwork’s mission is to enable people in Asia to make better and more confident decisions in their lives and build stronger businesses by efficiently and effectively connecting customers to the right legal advice quickly and affordably. Removing barriers and friction to connect more people with the right legal advice affordably is at the heart of everything we do. We will do this by organizing the information on a fragmented legal industry and providing anyone with better information and in doing so create a better way to get legal help.

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Finding a lawyer should be easy.

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