Avvoka enables businesses to automatically generate, track, e-sign, and store their standard-form legal contracts online.


CategoryDocument Automation
HeadquartersLondon, England, England
Tagssoftware, saas, legal tech, legal, information services, cloud computing, analytics


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Dent is a mobile App connected to a CMS for lawyers and insurance companies to put the end-user in the driver seat to monitor and take control of his/her insurance claim(s), monitor lawyer progress and medical without making an Appt. and to stop being charged by the minute.

information, intelligence, software


Casetab build a case management system to save criminal justice practitioners’ time.

software, legal tech, legal, information services

Valcu Inc. 

Valcu provides do-it-yourself incorporation tools for founders to incorporate in Delaware and run the post-incorporation setup.

venture capital, legal tech, document management, developer tools

Check in Scan 

The most downloaded app for registering your holiday guests for legal compliance. Scan, Sign & Send!

vacation rental, travel accommodations, saas, mobile apps, legal tech, hotel, hospitality


End-to-end, secure, cloud-based collaboration and work platform. HighQ empowers leading law firms and corporate legal teams to transform the way they work and deliver legal services. We unite internal and external teams with social collaboration, secure file sharing, project management, powerful integrations and more, improving data security, efficiency and productivity. Our platform is flexible and user-friendly to keep our clients ahead in the evolving legal market, continually offering innovative solutions for all areas of law, Founded in 2001, HighQ has grown to a team of more than 350 and is headquartered in London with offices in Kansas City, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney and Ahmedabad.

collaboration, data security, analytics, knowledge management, task management, intranet, extranet, client portal