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Atticus Now

Atticus is a mobile application that connects ticketed drivers with criminal defense attorneys to represent them on-demand. The Atticus app allows users to take a pictures of their traffic ticket, add the courthouse details and send their case to qualified local criminal defense lawyers to represent them for a flat rate of $249.

Attorney's Back Office, Inc.

Attorney's Back Office is the only online, bilingual (English & Spanish) legal software application for matter & practice management, the complete solution for solo practitioners, paralegals and small/medium size law firms and legal professionals worldwide.

Trail Bloom

Maker of the Trial Boom courtroom simulator for attorneys & students.


AudioCaseFiles and Courtroom View Network offer multimedia content to the legal community and are now part of LexisNexis® Courtroom Cast ( AudioCaseFiles offers downloadable audio files of edited judicial opinions, along with full text of the edited opinion, a brief fact summary, and the rule of law. You can browse by subject or casebook, where we include page numbers for your reference or search by any keyword in our enhanced search engine. Download your assigned opinions to listen on the go, and print the opinion with your saved notes using our new inline notes feature. Courtroom View Network is the industry leader in delivering live and on-demand video of high-stakes civil litigation. Users can simultaneously review exhibits and evidence while watching testimony, and all proceedings are shown in full, without commercials or commentary. While CVN's primary audience is legal and financial professionals, AudioCaseFiles offers these same trials to law schools and law students at a fraction of the cost.

Aurum Software

Created in 1993, Aurum was born to be the right arm of the lawyer. Our legal software, Astrea, is totally in the cloud and was thought to bring more tranquility and organization to the lawyers and law firms. Aurum develops Astrea, a legal practice software to improve lawyer's management and elevate their productivity. Astrea is currently the best and easiest brazilian's legal practice software.


Tranxact manages the entire work-flow for creative professionals, providing legal resources and industry-specific contracts and invoices along with scheduling payment reminders, bringing down entire transaction time to under 5 minutes.


We plan, design and develop tools that guarantee you: efficiency in processes, savings in filing and moving expenses, legal information security and document integrity.


Tracument is a web-based service that allows Canadian professionals to request, send, and receive documents. Our system allows you to send documents to any email address, and to request documents from any organization by fax or mail. The program simultaneously organizes and tracks all documents and requests coming into and going out of your office. Tracument’s secure servers facilitate prepayment, simplify accounting, and ease communication when providing and requesting documents. Tracument is used by law firms looking for a complete solution to the time-consuming document discovery process, by medical professionals wishing to send patient records securely, and by all professionals interested in saving staff time and office resources while increasing the security of their confidential documents.


ThreadKM is a provider of collaboration technology. ThreadKM was founded to help legal teams and knowledge workers who are overwhelmed with email. Our goal is to streamline communication, simplify tasks and deliver productivity solutions in the contexts of a matter or project. We wanted to help make these tasks easier to manage by providing tools fit for the purpose, so users could focus on delivering the best possible results to clients.

Bakerfield Group

We offer a wide range of Business Process Outsource services.