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DirectLaw provides a virtual law platform that enables law firms to offer online legal services.

Correa Porto

Correa Porto provides legal advice to its clients.

Beau Walker - Marketing Scientist

Beau Walker - Marketing Scientist provides legal advice on marketing matters.


Matters.Cloud provides lawyers with an easy way to manage existing clients and matters.

Escola de Cálculos

Escola de Cálculos specializes in judicial calculations in the most diverse legal matters,.

Ottoni´s Consultoria

Ottoni´s Consultoria provides legal and accounting support services for its users to develop their businesses.

Malgueiro Campos Advocacia

The Malgueiro Campos Advocacia was born with a vocation: to be alongside entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium companies.


Resolvvi helps flight passengers receive compensations for flight delays, cancellations, missed connections, and overbookings.

Acordo Fechado

Acordo Fechado develops an online mediation and conciliation platform created to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses.

id est avocats

Swiss based boutique law firm providing expert advice in innovation, tech, media, advertising, corporate transactions, IP and privacy