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Companies tagged with big data

ipQuants AG

Innovation Analytics, Big Data, Legal Analytics

Steinfeld Legal

Steinfeld Legal provide high quality service in the field of legal big data analysis.


ModusP is a legal knowledge platform that provides law firms and jurists with unprecedented search capabilities.

Premonition Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys win before which Judges.


MapYourProperty is a big data visualization tool for urban planning and development.


Lawgarithm is an innovative company that offers software that uses artificial intelligence to address contracts.

Litigation Master

Litigation Master is an AI startup that developed software with contextual analysis to review legal documents and financial statements.


Mapping the legal genome to help you better understand the law.


Bisnode is an European Data & Analytics company that enables people to make smart decisions.


Midatadin is a comprehensive database of court statistics that identifies the non-content related data.