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Companies tagged with contact management

Paper Software

Paper Software develops applications for MAC and Microsoft Word.

Planet Data

Contract Analysis with AI

Gino LegalTech

Gino LegalTech is a legal startup that specialized in contract robotization.

Cogneesol Inc.

Looking for an innovative and low-cost outsourcing service provider? Cogneesol is your ideal choice as the company.


LexCheck uses computational linguistics technology to help improve the preparation of legal documents and other literature.

Parley Pro

Parley Pro is a modern contract lifecycle management platform that helps companies create, negotiate and manage smarter contracts faster.


DadPardaz is an online two-sided marketplace which connects lawyers to clients who need legal services.

The Legal Capsule

The Legal Capsule is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform for companies to manage all their legal contracts.

BlockAxs GmbH

The BlockAxs toolbox will offer lifecycle management tools for your tokenization. Make it easy and secure!