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filerskeepers helps companies decide which retention period to choose per system or document category. filerskeepers provides data retention schedules that give insight into the legal maximum and minimum retention periods applicable in the countries relevant to them. This helps companies to justify why they are storing data (“for compliance with income tax rules”) and for how long (“for 10 years from the date following the end of the book year"). filerskeepers was inspired by a problem many companies experience: there was no simple way for IT, Legal, Compliance, HR, Sales, Finance, Health and Safety and other business departments to build records retention schedules and keep them up to date. filerskeepers believes that companies should be able to know all retention periods that apply to them. It is our goal to make sure companies will be up to date about the latest data retention periods. At any time. This will allow companies to find their golden standard retention period that they can actually implement into their IT-systems. As we got to know our users, we discovered that data retention is not a one-size-fits-all. Companies keep data of all shapes, sizes and types—they use it in many different ways. Our goal is to make a strategic data retention tool that allows you to know all data retention terms, to see changes in data retention laws realtime and to know what the golden standard your organisation should apply.