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Companies tagged with professional services


MyLawBid connects legal professionals with businesses, organizations and individuals.

Bluetree Legal Connect

Bluetree Legal Connect connects people seeking legal counsel with attorneys in an area.

Lexoo Ltd

Lexoo is a lawyer comparison marketplace that helps businesses choose a lawyer with confidence.


Predictice provides real time, concrete, and strategic predictive analysis to law professionals.


Easyoffer is a marketplace that serves as the meeting point for lawyers, accountants and clients.


MainLaws is an online marketplace that utilizes technology to make legal services more accessible.


MyOnlineCA is a legal service provider company that provides better legal solutions via technology.

Corporate + Startup Law

Corporate + Startup Law provides experienced, responsive and cost-effective legal advice to clients. is a platform that provides a service of legal information and connects users and lawyers.


DadPardaz is an online two-sided marketplace which connects lawyers to clients who need legal services.